We Are...

Addicted to Digital Marketing.

This is our passion. Our expert consultants eat, sleep and breathe digital marketing. We embrace the constant changes in the industry and frame them as new opportunities to keep our customers ahead of their competition. We thrive on improving our expertise and bringing success to each and every voyage.


At Cheddar, we’ve built a remote culture that melts together top talent and ideal work flexibility. We take full advantage of all the digital tools that allow us to efficiently collaborate with customers and team members from coast to coast. Our remote architecture inspires many of our travels and has organically grown our network along the way.

Your Confrères.

One of our favorite ways to meet new clients is from walking through the front door for a first-hand customer experience. Our consultancy is passionate about taking an empathetic and candid approach to every project. To be fair, we aren’t interested in convincing anyone that the internet is helpful for their business. We work with organizations that see the value of investing their cheddar in properly planned and executed campaigns.

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The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese

Cheddar was formed in 2018 to provide a truly educative approach to digital marketing strategy. The leadership team has roots that date back over five years, and most of us have been shredding it in the industry for even longer. Our combined history of experiences in the agency world has helped show us what works and what doesn’t. Now we are sharing our tried and true expertise with clients of our own.

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The Leaders at Cheddar

Jeremy Galante

Partner & Strategy Consultant

Jeremy has been helping clients with SEO since 2014. His fascination with digital marketing has since grown to a borderline obsession. As Cheddar’s Co-Founder and Head of Digital Strategy, he’s the man you want to talk to when it comes to search, advertising, or upcoming trends. Jeremy is a Professional Certified Marketer® and is always eager to help others with his expertise.

Tyler Kossow

Partner & Digital Vision Consultant

Tyler has been in the industry for seven years and has sampled the cheeses of over 20 countries. Before his entry into marketing, he studied logistics and worked in politics, making him an amalgamation of a people person and big-picture thinker. His ability to map out a vision for a business through the art of conversation is refreshingly human and, more importantly, effective.

Eric Coleman

Partner & Developer

Eric is Cheddar's dynamite engineer. He's worked as a developer for over 17 years and never stops learning. He's fluent in more programming languages than we have room to list, while currently using any excuse to develop with ReactJS. Eric's ability to solve problems with programming and disdain for provolone still leaves us in awe.

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