A marketing mix brings  “ingredients” together. From traditional media to digital, from inbound and outbound to paid and organic. We are perfecting our own “recipe” to bring in more cheddar for organizations. Let's introduce Cheddar Consulting and expand on our approach to strategic marketing programs.

Who is Cheddar?

We are as sharp as our puns, and that’s putting it mildly.

Cheddar Consulting began as a group of marketers who shared a similar perspective. There's a better way to deliver effective campaigns over the typical service model. We are taking what we loved about the agency world--and leaving what we didn’t--to create the kind of marketing consultancy we would want to work with.

You’ll have to forgive our forthrightness. Venturing out on our own has empowered us to speak freely with our clients and approach every project with candor. We have found this creates an environment for partnerships built on trust--and plenty of cheesiness along the way.

We work remotely.

This big cheese doesn’t have an office. We reduce unnecessary overhead and invest more in our clients, team, and long-term goals. By looking beyond hiring local commuters, we open our talent pool nationwide and have much more success at finding the right fit for our opportunities.

There are no team member requirements to report to a specific locale each day. In a digital industry where work is done completely online, we operate in the same capacity. Through shared documents, task management and virtual meetings we keep the machine well-oiled. 

Our bets are on digital.

We strictly play in the web realm and our love for digital marketing comes dangerously close to an obsession. That’s not to say that traditional media doesn’t have its place. It sure does; but the lack of analytic data, overpriced costs, and decreasing value create difficulties in showcasing success. Our eyes are where the attention is: the internet.

While the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing can be cause for frustration, we appreciate staying on our toes with the new challenges that await us each day. Every tweak to an algorithm or new technology introduced to the ecosystem is an opportunity for our clients to outperform their competitors.

How do we stay up-to-date? By keeping a packed schedule of conferences, webinars, and consuming industry content at a ridiculous rate. This is melted into our day-to-day routine. Did I mention we are a little obsessed?

The internet is the primary source of information for society. In this evolving digital age, hospitality starts with your web presence. Yet there are a ton of businesses just now buying in, and plenty others receiving poor or under-delivered service. Sometimes all it takes is the right guidance to align your vision with your web strategy. That’s where Cheddar Consulting can make the greatest difference.

Our Recipe

We’re not just a small team of experts who left the agency world to start a new one. We’re striving to change the industry approach to digital marketing. Here’s how we help businesses bring in the cheddar. 

1. Build Partnerships

Our hands-on approach to consulting requires a comfortable fit with our clients. When we partner with an organization, we deeply engage in each strategy. For this reason, we choose to work with brands we believe in and with whom we can develop strong relationships. As a result, many of our client connections develop from a team member having a positive customer experience.

In other words, we aren’t afraid to say “No.” With our past agency experiences, we often found ourselves behind marketing campaigns that were doomed from the start. Creating our own approach allows us to be choosy with our clientele, to everyone's benefit. 

Our ideal clients already see digital marketing as an investment and value an expert approach to their efforts. They’re open to learning and seek  guidance throughout the process, whether it be one-on-one with the business owner or with an internal team, or both. 

2. Educate and Collaborate 

We identify as consultants rather than an agency. You’ll find our educative approach and a la carte options break the mold of typical marketing groups. We want to help businesses understand their digital potential and develop a strategy in line with their objectives.

What’s the right game plan for your marketing? With us, every conversation begins with your organization’s strategy, working towards your blueprint for digital marketing. First, we want to understand the marketplace, competition, and relevant opportunities. We get to know your industry and study your web presence to learn potential areas of growth. Then we strategize a game plan for meeting your goals. 

After we agree on the blueprint, we won’t leave you hanging or skip to strategy execution. We show you how to work the plan as we implement it, together. That way your team understands the nuts and bolts of your campaigns, as well as gaining hands-on experience. 

3. Establish Long-Term Vision

As a business owner, how you enlist marketing help should be a decision that is made with the future in mind. We want to help you identify the right balance between in-house and outsourced marketing that makes the most sense for your strategy long-term. 

Although a full-fledged in-house marketing department is often ideal, we realize this isn’t always a possibility. Some businesses are not equipped to handle technical fields or consider themselves too small to manage everything on their own. (And who can blame you? The amount of time it takes to keep up to date with web strategies such as these means a big slice of time away from their other duties.)

Handing off projects to an agency is convenient, but they will never know your brand as intimately as you do. Does it make sense to hand over your entire digital presence to a third party for execution? We don't think so. Let’s face it: there are some areas of digital that businesses need to value enough to bring in-house or work with someone to execute.  

It is our belief that the most cost-effective solution for any digital marketing program long term is a little bit of both: to educate teams from within, leaning on experts as needed. Your web strategy is an asset. It requires a digital foundation for future generations. Bolstering an in-house team with the consulting they need to stay current is the best way to invest in that future. 

4. The Secret Ingredient: Mix in Experts Where You Need Them

The digital landscape changes daily. It’s difficult to stay up-to-date without specialists in place. Whether you opt for full-service management of your marketing or simply use us as a tour guide to help onboard an in-house team, you’ll have access to experts in their field. Use us where you need us; use your team where you don’t. 

We want to work with your squad and help train them in your preferred channels. In the event your in-house team needs training, we can provide a curriculum that will give you the best ROI for your budget.  We’re not here to do everything for you. Instead, we’ll help you build something for the future.

What Will Cheddar Look Like Aged? 

We hope it’ll look like an efficiently operated remote team of stellar marketers. (Hint: That’s a lot like what we look like now, so we hope to continue growing on our current trajectory.) 

To produce inspiring content that helps move our industry forward and helps marketers crack the digital strategy nut. Don’t worry, you won’t find another “how to install analytics” or “the SEO vs. PPC showdown: what’s best for your business” article on our blog. There are enough of those out there already. 

         ➤Starting a new consultancy and creating a content strategy that stands out when you have zero authority is daunting... We feel our mix of cutting-edge tactics, remote culture, and being a little cheesy will help make our content worthy for readers like you, and keep you connected to our business.

From there, we have our eyes set on continuing our learning and networking. We have a soft spot for helping educate the next generation of marketers. Our upcoming plans include offering scholarships, internships, and marketing career coaching. 

Beyond that, one of our long-term goals includes bringing an awesome digital marketing conference to our roots in Buffalo, NY.

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