A Sharp Approach to Digital Marketing

We're a full-service digital consulting team, that partners with our clients as a personal tour guide through the ever-changing web landscape.

Our solutions vary between strategy, training and execution based on our client’s desired outcomes. 

With our strategy-first approach, we take a deep dive into your industry, objectives and vision before any campaigns begin. Our team develops and presents a strategic plan showcasing the growth opportunities of your marketing investment and the best ways to achieve your goals. This helps ensure both sides are in sync and the right expectations are set BEFORE we dig our heels in and crush it for your brand. This process separates us from the many traditional agencies that require long-term engagements before establishing strategic direction and credibility. 

Cheddar was formed in 2018. Our leadership team has roots that date back over five years, and most of us have been shredding it in the industry for even longer.

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